Autonomous Car

Future Mobility Platform

The autonomous car market is projected to be the largest market in the world. However, the number of companies that develop autonomous cars is limited by the number of hands. The reason for this is that it is possible when it comes to the many available technologies such as Lidar, Radar, high-precision GPS, stereo and top cameras, and high-precision mapping. Cube has developed autonomous vehicles with its own technology in these markets, and is developing various other autonomous vehicle technologies.

Autonomous Cars Security Platform

We develop a technique to block malicious attacks on hacking for autonomous cars and connected cars using hash codes that form the core of block chain technology and block chains. Cube blocks these attacks using its own developed Synapse. Please refer to the white paper for details.

Mobility Data Business

The Mobility Data Business Is solving some of the biggest problems associated with mobility such as overcrowding, traffic congestion, emissions and mode shift. By using data-driven methods and digital rewards schemes we can enact behaviour change among urban citizens, paving the way for more liveable cities across the world.

Through our Cubebox hardware solution, we can gather real-time mobility and emissions data, which will be recorded on our blockchain to ensure trust. Dynamic control features will allow for granular control of one’s data, and smart contracts will enforce the transaction whereby the data is offered in exchange for our own Cube tokens. In this way, we can create a functioning marketplace for mobility data, which can then be used by authorities and enterprises alike.

P2P Car Sharing

Cube Car has a P2P car-sharing business with Cube Partners. Currently, domestic cars and green cars use traditional car-sharing, rather than car-sharing. True cascading is sharing an individual's car. Zipcar, which has been synonymous with traditional car-sharing, has continued to decline in profits, but as for private vehicle-sharing companies, Turo in Europe and Get Around in North America are booming with investments of $230 billion and $300 billion, respectively. Cube Car is currently in beta testing and will be expanding its full-scale service starting in February 2019, starting in the 300s.

Autonomous Vehicle Valet Parking Business

Cube AI is developing an autonomous car valet parking service. At present autonomous cars are being developed by IT companies such as Google and Uber , and automobile companies such as Daimler, Volvo, VW and Hyundai. At present, we are all involved in autonomous driving on the roads, but there is no company that has been developed yet in the field of valet parking in autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous parking is safe because it is low speed of less than 3 Km per hour , and it is expected that demand for autonomous parking will be high because drivers spend their average of 20 minutes per day on the parking lot.

Valve parking in the cube enables the autonomous parking by processing the deep run using only the vision information with Camera Only. It is a way to allow autonomous cars to autonomously park by training in deep running through hundreds of thousands of parking exercises from the parking lot entrance to the empty space.

Autonomous Vehicle Market and Forecast

Is the autonomous car market meant for the distant future?

Certainly not. At present, autonomous automobile technology is reflected in automobile production as soon as it is developed. Currently, Daimler, BMW, VW, Hyundai, and other car companies are already producing semi-autonomous driving technology. Cube focuses on early commercialization technology that enables the developed technologies to be used at that time.

1.7 Trillion USD
Target Market
  • Current Car Market
  • Autonomous or Connected Car Market
Markets of Autonomous Vehicles and Connected Vehicles

CUBE incorporates blockchain, endpoint and Cloud-based CheckBox to implement following business models.

Road Map


Standing Adviser

Shin, Hun Cheol
  • sk

SK Group total Vice Chairman (former)
SK Ltd. CEO (former)
Miso Microcredit Bank Chairman (former)
Korea Fencing Association Chairman
Seoul City Ochastra Chairman
Shin had served as SK's vice chairman for more than 30 years and had significantly contributed to making SK company a global company.
Shin, Hun Cheol is highly respected by many young people in Korea because of his efforts to contribute to society and his personality. He has also been selected at Forbes as one of the 48 best angel donors in Asia. Mr. Shin joined Cube Intelligence as a Standing Advisor through a solid relationship with Dr.Bong H. Lee started from Green Car business.


  • Richard Biggs
    • abnamro

    Richard Biggs graduated London School of Economics and worked as an analyst in financial consulting sector (substantive work for multinational M&A deals) at Ernst & Young. And also worked as a research at ABN-Amro.

  • Bong H. Lee, Ph.D.
    • stanford
    • albany
    • greencar

    Dr. Bong Lee graduated from the State University of New York, and Stanford School of Business AMP. Since then, Dr. Lee established Green Car car sharing. Green Car is the first carsharing company in Korea. Now, Greencar has more than 1 million users with more than 6,000 cars. Currently, Dr. Lee is leading the development of CUBE as a Chief Vision Officer (CVO).

  • Ryu Hae Yeon,Ph.D
    • mit

    Dr. Ryu holds a doctorate in Financial. She finished artificial intelligence courses at Sloan School MIT. She was a CFO at Xroad and EC Miner, which is one of the biggest data specialist companies. She is currently the CFO of CUBE.

  • Robert Cooke
    (Director of London office)

      Robert studied Social and Cultural Studies and a Foundation Degree in Anthropology at Goldsmith's University, London. Experienced in business development, marketing, start-ups, and consulting for a large Korean corporation. Applying these skills with a keen interest focused on the potential for blockchain technology and machine learning to revolutionise the way we live and interact with the world.

    • Dr. Jae Sung Lee
      (Director of Autonomous Car Department)
      • mit
      • hyu

      Jae Sung Lee led the founding of CUBE in 2017 and is currently leading the Autonomous car department as a director. Jae Sung Lee is a medical doctor and has been involved with the Cube team since the Green Car project. He came to the Cube after working in the hospital. He majored in mechanical engineering at Hanyang University. After that, he graudated medical school of Kyung Hee University, and worked at Kyung Hee University Hospital.

    • Kim Bo Seob
      (Director of Carsharing business department)

      Bo Seob has been deeply involved in automotive information technology for 15 years. He applied advanced services such as telematics, black box, navigation and was a leading director of the Lotte Green Car; Korea’s first car sharing platform. With years of experiences in establishing, managing an early platform, he is a director of CUBE Intelligence.


    • Geon H. Lee, Ph.D.
      • kaist
      • samsung

      Lee received a Ph.D. in Physics from Yonsei University. Since then, he had worked as a researcher at the Brain Science Institute at KAIST. Dr. Lee worked as a researcher at ETRI, and for 15 years Dr. Lee worked for the next generation technology team at Samsung Electronics central research institute. Dr. Lee has worked on the Artificial Intelligence team and is currently in charge of CUBE's AI development.

    • Yoon Young
      • texas
      • toronto

      Dr. Yoon Young studied AI at the University of Toronto, which is renowned for artificial intelligence. He worked at the IBM Watson Institute, where is known as the foremost leader in artificial intelligence around the world, also had a career at Samsung Electronics. Currently, he is a professor of computer science at Hongik University. He is majoring in cyber security solutions and artificial intelligence applications. Currently he is developing CUBE's Blockchain-based Security.


    Members of Cube Intelligence